Thursday, August 26, 2010

The day before the first day of school...

Ok, so I'm waay behind and should have written this on their actual first day of school, but that's what you get for having a slacker for a friend.  I must admit I didn't do much of anything that first day of school.  (Unless you count my dear hubby buying me this sweet new laptop, he is THE best!!)  Anywho, I really should start with the day before the first day of school.  
I'm going to start with River, cause this is one of the best stories ever. :)  I totally tried to hold him back a year...but he caught me!  We went in for meet the teacher day, (which again, was the day before school starts) Unfortunately I had lost the paper with their teachers names so we went straight into the office.  We got Canyon's kindergarten teacher, Talon's first grade teacher, and River's fifth grade teacher....ya, about that.  We aren't entirely sure what happened, the office said I must have filled out the paper work wrong.  I say it must have been a typo...but since he has been in fifth grade for a year, maybe I did try to hold him back.  To River's credit, he really kept his cool, he gave me "THE LOOK" of certain doom, and took Bronco in the stroller and sat down, on the other side of the office, staring at me.  Every so often he would calmly walk over and say "fifth grade..." and then wander off.  My poor boy, I think he was in shock!  The worst came when the office lady said she would have to talk to the principal, and we should take a seat so she can help others while we waited for her to come back to the office.  He just sat there for a few minutes, still giving me the look of doom, when he finally spoke, it wasn't much better.  "But...but, MOM!"  Uh Oh, I was in real trouble, you see, he usually gets really mad really fast, I have to send him away, then he comes back and we talk it out.  This time he was building up steam, we were all in for it now!  Thankfully that is when the principal came in, and she had a quick whispered conversation with the receptionist, and then went back to her office.  As cheerfully as I could I said, "See, they are sorting it out right now, you won't have to re-do the fifth grade after all!"  Oops, I should have left that last part out.  "MOM!"  This time my rescue came from non-other then Bronco, "Riber, LET ME OUT!"  Who knew he could say that?!  I must add her that he sounded just like the buggly brothers!  (and the Murdock family know exactly who I'm talking about!)  That was about when the principal came back, and gave us River's new teacher.  :)  Now he is in the 6th grade, and apparently, that makes everything right in the world...for now.  
Well, tha'ts all your going to get out of me tonight, more...well, later. =)

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Mike and Alicia said...

Glad to hear how your doing! Love ya!